One of the very first video games, created in 1973 by Jack Burness for the DEC GT40 vector graphic terminal.  Forty years later Moonlander is back and available for the iPad on the iTunes App Store.  This is an exact reproduction based on the original MACRO-11 assembly language so get ready to relive vintage computer gaming (if you are over 50) or get a first look at a 40 year old video game and test your own landing skills.

A special bonus included for especially skilled pilots: the 1969 Focal classic Lunar Lander by Jim Storer for the PDP-8.  If controlling the Apollo descent module with a light pen is too easy, step back (and slow down) to the simulation that started them all.  To learn more about Lunar Lander and Moonlander and the history of Apollo lunar lander simulations, visit the wiki.

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